Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tweet, Tweet!

Here lately the idea of blogging has taken the form of a few short snippits akin to the twitter realm. I am toying with the idea of merging with my other blog and trying to meld my reformed leanings with my agrarian bent...Radical thoughts me thinks...
Hopefully soon there will be something worth reading.
Finally got high speed but now realize that my 6 year old E-machine is NOT going to get better with another defrag and revamp of the registry.Sorry E-machine,but I really tried to paint your product as the frugal choice in my mind.
I will be looking at a new system within the next 2 months and maybe I will be able to get at least 5 words typed per minute.
This machine is the worst product I have ever owned. Loads of wasted time and money trying to upgrade.
I finally figured out that it will not matter as long as that 2nd string vowel is still on the tower.

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